PRP Facial is microneedling with PRP. This prodedure helps produce collagen and elastin. Over the next 6-8 weeks your skin will be producing collagen and elastin, creating better skin texture. This will help diminish fine lines, scars, reduce pore size, and create smoother looking skin. 

You will be evaluated and the procedure will be discussed. Your face will be cleansed and numbing cream will be applied for 20 minutes. Your own blood is drawn and placed in our centrifuge, then we will pull off the platelet rich plasma to use as our base as we microneedle. 

PRP Facial 3 sessions

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  • PRP facial is microneedling with platelet rich plasma. PRP helps create collagen and elstin. It's known as collagen induction therapy. If your looking for better texture, decrease acne scarring, decrease fine lines, and a smoother looking skin, this procedure is for you.